Why should you start a skin care routine?

Your skin takes the brunt of all the damage you do to your body. Between sun exposure, pollution, and physical trauma, we don’t treat our skin very well at all. As we get older, this damage accumulates more and more, and it shows on our faces in the form of wrinkles and age spots. This doesn’t mean you can’t stop this damage from happening if you take care of your skin now. With a good skin care routine, you can actually prevent some of this damage from occurring in the first place and reduce how much further damage occurs over time.




Caring for your skin from day one is important, and it’s smart to start with a gentle cleanser. Cleansing gently, but effectively, gets rid of any residue and grime that might be on your face at the end of a long day. A good cleanser also will remove any makeup that might be left over from work or play. Look for products labeled oil-free or non-comedogenic. These are designed not to clog pores. Try Neutrogena’s Fresh Foaming Cleanser ($5) for an affordable pick.




Exfoliating will help get rid of any dirt or buildup in your pores that might be causing acne. Exfoliating also helps remove dry, flaky skin, which is another contributing factor to breakouts. An exfoliating cleanser and scrub can be added to your skin care routine for as little as $10 each.

Even if you’re sensitive to some ingredients like certain sulfates, these are generally pretty mild products that won’t irritate your skin. And when it comes to exfoliation and finding what works best for your skin type, don’t hold back! The more products you try, the better idea you’ll have of what truly works best with your skin type and personal skincare needs.




Keeping your skin hydrated is important for healthy looking skin. Try moisturizing right after you shower and pat your face dry before applying moisturizer. For extra hydration, choose an oil-based moisturizer like petroleum jelly (Vaseline). If you have sensitive skin or allergies, look for hypoallergenic products that have been tested by dermatologists. Be sure to use sunscreen daily to prevent sun damage!




Studies show that not drinking enough water can lead to wrinkles, dark circles and other eye problems. Most people don’t drink enough water. That’s why it’s important to make sure your skin stays hydrated by keeping yourself well-hydrated. Start today with just 2 more glasses of water! Not only will it help with getting rid of wrinkles and dark circles but also keep your energy levels up throughout your day!



The most obvious reason to begin a skin-care routine is protection. By using a product regularly, it forms an invisible layer on your skin that helps block out harmful pollutants and prevent premature signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkles. For example, people who apply sunscreen everyday have been shown to have less DNA damage than those who don’t use it. In other words, sunscreen helps protect against sun damage.



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