The Top 8 Makeup Trends for 2022

The world of makeup has undergone an extreme makeover in the last decade and it shows no signs of slowing down! In order to help you get ready for what’s coming up in the next few years, we’ve done some extensive research into what will be the biggest makeup trends in 2022. Check out our eight predictions below!

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Nature inspired


The future of makeup will be more natural and inspired by nature. From products to packaging, customers want products that are made with clean ingredients and help improve skin health. Product companies will focus on creating innovative ways to incorporate natural ingredients into their makeup (and skincare). As a result, there’ll be less emphasis on being beautiful with heavy eyeshadow or bright lipsticks. Instead, you’ll see a focus on promoting overall health. Women will also demand even more transparency from brands about what goes into their products. Not only do customers want to know exactly what is going in them, but they want to know that it can help their skin achieve its best results.


Matte eyes


Whether it’s thanks to Instagram or just a sheer awareness of trends, matte eyes will continue to reign supreme in 2022. A good eye primer is essential when creating a smooth canvas on which to apply your makeup—no one wants to look like they have heavy bags under their eyes! The best eye primer has both silicone and water-based properties that prevent creasing while still keeping things soft and blendable. While many people like to go with full-on matte liquid or gel eyeliner, others prefer a soft kohl pencil that isn’t as intense. It all depends on how you prefer your beauty products. With makeup trends being cyclical, I predict we’ll start seeing more satin and glitter finishes down the road.


Light lashes


By 2022, most women will likely have enhanced lashes. While lash extensions and colored mascara have dominated recent years, newer technologies will take eyelashes to another level of glamour. Lashes that light up or change color based on your mood are on their way, so you’ll look good even if your mood is less than desirable. What are lashes without eyebrows? By 2022, eyebrow enhancers will also be commonplace among young and professional women. If a butterfly shaped brow tattoo isn’t quite your style but you still want things looking their best, expect microblading to become more popular. This semi-permanent technique uses a tiny blade to etch fine lines into thin skin. Then pigment is applied in patterns that mimic natural hair growth.


Less product

In just a few years, full coverage will seem so last year. In its place? Lightweight, sheer formulas that go on like second skin and melt into your pores. It’s all about products that are easy to use and have zero transfer or smearing, says makeup artist Mark Carrasquillo. The trend isn’t just confined to traditional liquid and cream foundations—it also applies to concealers, powders, eyeshadows and even blushes.


Trendy lipstick


One of my favorite makeup trends at present is deep red lipstick paired with muted peach tones on cheeks and eyes. For an ultra-bold look, try a bright orange lip pencil or matte purple. To incorporate these trends into your current makeup regimen, you could layer them over another color. For example, layer a sheer red over your regular lipstick to create a trendy look that won’t completely overtake your more subtle makeup style. Another option is to create a reverse ombre look by applying natural makeup on top of your lips and a deeper shade on the bottom. This will give you that trendy two-tone effect without any harsh lines between colors!


Bold brows


Using bold brows can help you look more youthful and give you a fresh, modern look. They’re a great way to add character to your face and can help you look put together without even wearing makeup. Plus, it’s really easy to do them yourself! However, if you tend to rub your eyes throughout the day (like many of us do), be careful not to over-tweeze or use wax that’s too hot; both of these can cause injury in some cases.


Minimal Foundation and Concealer


As we progress further into 2019, it appears that foundation and concealer will continue to be on-trend. However, by 2022 we’ll begin to see a new trend emerge: minimized makeup. By minimizing our base makeup, some ladies may be able to skip their morning skincare routine. This goes against everything many of us have been taught but with so many overnight products on the market (facials, cleansers, moisturizers), what would stop us from trying? It’s possible that in eight years’ time we’ll all wake up with a fresh face – no makeup required! With consumers wanting faster routines comes shorter shopping lists. We’re all about trying new trends when they come along – but only if they don’t interrupt our daily life too much!


Colored Eyeliner


This trend is easily one of our favorites, as it involves making use of every color in your makeup collection. Colored eyeliner is generally a great option because it will work well with most natural features and a wide range of hair colors and styles. When it comes to colored eyeliner, start by opting for soft pastels—or other pastel shades—for daytime wear. At night, you can go bolder with something that pops or try an unexpected shade like yellow or green. As long as you choose shades that complement your eye color, there’s no wrong way to do colored eyeliner. Just follow your preferences and pick colors that you think look best on you.


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