Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set – For Better Health

The ancient Chinese healing practices of Gua Sha and Jade Roller facial are making a comeback. Showing up in spas, salons, and homes around the world. The techniques have been used in China for thousands of years to relieve pain and stress-related conditions. Like headaches, anxiety, fatigue, muscle soreness, and even skin issues. This guide will help you understand what they are and how they work so you can decide if they’re right for you.

Gua Sha

What are jade rollers?

Jade rollers, which are also called guasha wheels or guasha tools. Are used to apply pressure to various areas of your body. The intense pressure helps to relax tense muscles and stimulate blood flow. While you can buy them online or in many Asian grocery stores. Making your own jade roller is cheaper and allows you to customize it based on your needs. If you make it yourself, you can use smaller jades for smaller areas of muscle pain or opt for a larger stone when rolling more than one area of your body at once.

Gua Sha

Benefits of jade rollers

Are jade rollers worth it? And are jade rollers effective? While people use different tools in different ways, jade rollers for face are often used to unblock stagnant energy  in a person’s body. Practitioners of Chinese medicine claim that it can help cure insomnia, migraines, headaches, stress, joint pain and muscle pain. Jade rollers can be used on all parts of your body. But they’re particularly popular on your face because they’re believed to treat wrinkles and fine lines by increasing blood flow to that area. They can also be used on areas like your chest or back to alleviate inflammation.

Gua Sha

What is gua sha?

From its humble beginnings in Chinese medicine. Gua Sha has evolved into a powerful holistic technique that improves health through increased blood flow to meridians. The term is actually an umbrella phrase that encompasses two distinct practices: ji sha (scraping) and ru shu (stroking). When it comes to improving your overall health, there’s no better place to start than by learning about these two techniques.



Benefits of gua sha

A more effective way to increase circulation and enhance healing than massage. There are over 100 gua shas to choose from. Each one is made with a slightly different pattern. Those who have experienced guasha swear by it as an effective way to heal a wide range of health problems. Including: pain and inflammation in muscles, joints or tendons. Headaches or migraines; stress-related issues such as high blood pressure, insomnia or arthritis-like conditions. Respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis or allergies. It can also be used to clear your mind before meditation or other spiritual practice if you’re having trouble getting into that headspace.

Why Should You Buy The Best Jade Roller And Gua Sha Set

What do jade rollers do? Jade rollers are a tool that is used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote healing, circulation and rejuvenation of skin tissue. They’re wonderful for helping with recovery from sports injuries, stress relief, relieving tension headaches. Or just giving your skin a nice massage. Do Jade Rollers really work? The other day my daughter was complaining about her back being sore after studying so I used my Jade roller. And it helped relieve her pain almost instantly! Gua shas can be used to calm anxiety or help you relax before bedtime. If you’re feeling tense, try rubbing gua sha on your face as it can be an effective treatment for relieving emotional anxiety through pressure release.

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