Best UV Led Lamp For Gel Polish

When the UV LED gel nail lamp first came on the market, it was a revolution in the world of nail care. More precise and targeted than traditional lamps, this gel nail lamp shines only on the targeted area, making it possible to carry out any number of services on your client’s nails without damaging their fingers or surrounding skin. Here’s how you can incorporate an LED gel nail lamp into your salon or home spa to get better results faster with fewer risks to your clients’ health.


UV Led Lamp


What Is A UV Led Lamp

UV LED lamps are used for curing a variety of materials, including nail gels. A UV LED lamp contains a high-intensity LED that emits ultraviolet light to cure both traditional and modern gels and resins. Traditional gel lamps typically use a mercury vapor lamp as their source of ultraviolet light; since these bulbs contain harmful chemicals, they aren’t ideal for salons or at-home use. A salon or spa will typically have several UV LED lamps, which are far more efficient than their old counterparts. If you’re interested in purchasing one for your home, make sure to purchase one with multiple settings to allow you to cure different substances.

UV Led Lamp

Things to Consider When Buying a Gel Nail Lamp

Wattage – What wattage should you be looking for? If you’re wondering what wattage to purchase, it depends on how many clients you plan on serving. A good rule of thumb is to have a lamp that is around 20-25 watts per client. It’s better to overdo it rather than purchase a lamp that isn’t strong enough. I know some nail technicians that use 50-watt lamps for 2 or 3 clients, but I don’t recommend going lower than 40 watts. LED/CFL Lamps – LED lamps tend to run hotter, but are much more energy efficient and last longer. They also give off less heat which means a lot less chance of burning your clients’ skin or hands.


UV Led Lamp


Pros and Cons of It

UV light for gel nail polish is becoming a popular trend in manicure and pedicure nowadays. It helps dry nails faster than usual and can protect them from harm’s way of germs and bacteria through sterilization. The only downside of using it is that you need to pay attention to your skin sensitivity or allergies when using it. If you have sensitive skin, try painting one nail per session first to see if there are any negative reactions. Fortunately, most people with sensitive skin will only have a bad reaction after multiple uses. If that happens, switch to other methods like gel polish at home or get rid of UV nail lamp completely. You can still enjoy manicures just not as fast as before since other methods take longer time than UV gel nails manicures do.

Why Should You Buy the UV Led Lamp 

I’ve spent a lot of time looking at and doing research on UV LED Lamps, so I thought it would be helpful to share what I have learned. If you want to do your own gel nail manicure at home, then you will need one of these lamps. Many people think that they can just use a regular UV light from their local hardware store, but don’t believe it for a second. A regular lamp will not cure gels or acrylics because it does not have enough UV light. You might get a partially cured set of nails which isn’t something you want to happen if your goal is long-lasting gel nails!



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