Always Take A Cold Shower For Better Skin

Can you imagine taking a cold shower? No, not one with just the right amount of chill to invigorate your senses in the morning. But an ice-cold one that makes you wonder if you might turn into an ice cube yourself? Despite being so unlike anything we’re used to, taking cold showers can actually have some fantastic benefits on your health and your skin. Here’s why you should be taking cold showers every day. And how to make them as painless as possible so you can reap all their rewards!


What is a cold shower?

Cold shower

Cold showers, also known as ice baths or cryotherapy, are often used as a therapy tool in sports training, helping reduce inflammation and aid recovery after a workout. The concept of taking ice baths is not new—Japanese sumo wrestlers have been doing it since at least 1860. Cryotherapy may feel unpleasant at first, but many people say they feel energized after a quick shower. If you do decide to try taking an ice bath yourself. Be sure to start slow and work your way up so that your body can get used to it.


Why does taking cold showers have health benefits?

Exposure to cold water helps your body fight infections. Exposure to extreme temperatures triggers your immune system into action. This may sound counterintuitive; after all, you don’t want a compromised immune system when you have an infection, right? The answer is yes and no. Your body has two branches of defense against invading microbes: nonspecific immunity and specific immunity. Both are important, but neither can truly eliminate every germ it comes in contact with on its own. So they work together by mutually escalating each other’s efforts—the more pathogens that enter your system, the more aggressively both arms of immunity will work at defeating them.


What are some tips for cold showers?

Cold shower

Here are some of our favorite tips: 

  1. Try setting an alarm on your phone (or otherwise) after you turn off the water. This way, there’s no turning back once you get started. Plus, an alarm is more likely than just relying on willpower alone! 
  2. Cold showers trigger our fight-or-flight instinct, which means that we won’t actually hurt ourselves with them as long as we remain calm and don’t panic. Instead of focusing on how painful it feels when stepping into a cold shower headfirst, think about what you’ll gain from facing these feelings head-on instead of running away from them. 
  3. Be sure to warm up gradually before getting in; jumping right in is only going to make things worse. Spending 5–10 minutes warming up beforehand might seem tedious, but it could save you from being miserable or even injuring yourself. 
  4. Patience is a virtue. While we all want to reap rewards quickly, don’t put too much pressure on yourself—it may not happen overnight for everyone. The best thing you can do for yourself is treating each day as an opportunity to push forward and stick with cold showers until you’re comfortable enough with them that they become second nature. 
  5. Practice makes perfect! Just like anything else, practice makes perfect when it comes to getting used to cold showers–the more often you do so, the easier it gets and soon enough, using hot water again may even seem strange to your body!


What are some of the benefits?

There are many benefits of taking a cold shower. Some of these benefits include increased energy levels, increased pain tolerance, reduced stress levels, and improved overall health. Taking advantage of all of these benefits is easy if you invest in something as simple as an electric heater that’s built to withstand water (also known as a warm-to-cold or hot-to-cold changeover valve). With one in place, you can start taking advantage of all these benefits.

Here’s how Your face feels great! Because cold showers tend to reduce blood flow – helping increase circulation. That means any topical application will sink into your pores better than before. Along with making your makeup go on smoother, it also helps keep acne at bay because there’s less irritation caused by applying heavy makeup on red skin from heating up from hot showers. Whether you do it religiously once a day or just once every two weeks – starting today – will help grow healthier hair and stronger nails too since circulation improves with it.


Is It Better To Take A Cold Shower Or A Hot Shower?

Both hot and cold showers have their own benefits. While hot water provides relaxation and warmth to your body, it is also harmful to your skin. On the other hand, ice-cold water burns your skin but has many health benefits associated with it. Studies show that when you take a cold shower on a daily basis, you can easily improve your immune system and fight different diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes. You also lower your risk of developing cancer by taking these ice-cold showers as there are studies that suggest that regular exposure to extreme temperatures may stop or slow down some cancers from growing in animal models.


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