10 Easy Steps For A Hair Care Routine

A hair care routine can seem like a lot of work, but it’s worth it to make sure your hair stays healthy and beautiful! To help you get started with your own hair care routine, we’ve assembled these 10 easy steps to keep in mind when caring for your hair at home.

1) Rinse

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Thoroughly rinse your hair with water, preferably cool water. Cool water helps close your cuticles, locking in moisture. It also makes your hair shinier and increases its volume. Cool water can also minimize frizz if you have naturally curly or coarse hair. If you don’t have access to cool tap water, consider investing in a shower filter to make sure you’re rinsing thoroughly.

2) Condition

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Condition is an essential part of your hair care routine. In fact, if you’re not using conditioner, it may be time to consider whether or not you’re really taking care of your hair. To use conditioner properly, apply it to clean hair after shampooing and work it through with your fingers until all strands are saturated. Allow it to sit for three minutes before rinsing thoroughly. This will help ensure that every strand is protected from dryness and breakage.

3) Brush

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Brushing your hair isn’t just about getting rid of tangles. It actually plays an important role in maintaining healthy, growing hair. Brushing stimulates your scalp and encourages circulation, which helps condition your hair while removing dandruff and built-up oil. If you find that your brush is leaving tangles behind, try switching to a wide-tooth comb or conditioning brush. You may find that they leave more manageable strands behind!

4) Shampoo

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Wash your hair at least once every three days. Overwashing can strip hair of its natural oils, leaving it dull and prone to damage. Shampoo your hair in warm, not hot water; lukewarm water will also help you avoid over-washing. Massage the shampoo gently into your scalp, working from top to bottom, then rinse with cool water so that no soap residue remains on your hair.

5) Dry Shampoo

The easiest and most effective way to extend your hair care routine is by implementing dry shampoo into your routine. Dry shampoo is not only great for refreshing dull, greasy hair, but it will also give you additional time between washing and styling. All you need to use it properly is some talcum powder or cornstarch and a spray bottle (see below). If you don’t have time to shower in between work and dinner with friends, dry shampoo will allow you to skip having smelly hair all night long.

6) Hair Masks

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Hair masks are quick, efficient ways to give your hair a boost of hydration and shine. Choose one with your favorite type of oil or treatment, and let it sit on your hair for at least 15 minutes before rinsing. Hair masks are particularly effective if you suffer from dry hair (i.e., lots of breakage). The regularity with which you use them is up to you. You may prefer to use them once per week or every other day, depending on your hair type and needs.

7) Heat Protectant

Heat protectant is absolutely essential in any hair care routine. The chemicals used to style our hair are harsh and can damage it. Hair protectant helps seal those chemicals into your hair, while also sealing out humidity, which can cause frizz. If you have particularly curly or difficult hair, try applying heat-protectant serums with an argan or coconut oil base to help reduce breakage when you straighten or curl your locks.

8) Serum/Oil/Leave-in Conditioner

Serum/oil/leave-in conditioner makes hair soft, shiny and frizz-free. It helps lock in moisture, which is essential for all hair types. Serum/oil/leave-in conditioners are extremely useful if you’re trying to battle against heat damage or color fade.

9) Style/Air dry/Flip Out

If you have time, air drying your hair can make it look smoother and less frizzy than when it’s dried with a blow dryer. If you don’t have time to let your hair dry naturally, give it some volume first by flipping your head over and brushing back sections at a 45-degree angle. After you’ve flipped out each section of hair, use an anti-frizz serum or moisturizer before styling. This will help retain that great volume!

10) Sleep in Braid or Bun with Scarf

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This is an excellent hairstyle to protect hair from all kinds of damage. The braids or buns can also prevent your hair from falling over your face while you sleep and keep them out of your way so that you don’t have to worry about running them through your mouth or lying on them in any other way. The scarves keep it all tied together and prevent any tangles from happening during sleep.


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